Taryns Profile
Hi, my name is Taryn Muskevitsch. I'm 17 years old, my birthday is in july, one of my favorite months. i'm a senior now its my last year here in the high school. I live in New London, Wisconsin. I live with my mom. I have one older sister(sabryna), one older brother(chad), and two younger sisters(jordan and bethany).The picture above is of me and my little sister Jordan. Were really close were like best friends. My family is my life just like my friends are. I would do anything to protect both. My favoritest person in the world is my grandpa who supports anything i do. Hes one of the reasons i took ceremics in the first place. I took it to make presents for him.This class will help me in the furture because if i never be what i wanna be i can become a pottery maker. I'll always make ceremics projects now. I love to do work with clay and the wheel even if i hated it.